Brew Haven

Northeast Indiana's Premiere Craft Beer Festival!


The Beer List was last updated at 5:02PM on August 3rd 2017.


We are adding beers as the breweries contact us with their beer list. Beers will be added right up to the start of the festival.


Here's a map of the festival with tent names to find the beers listed below.


Here's a printable beer list with map



The list is grouped by brewery. You can also view it alphabetically by beer name.


Brew Haven 2017 Beer List


Beers Location
18th Street Brewery
  Ba Bitches BankMT Island 1
  Cascade ExpressMT Island 1
  Psychedelic LinesMT Island 1
  Rise Of The AngelsMT Island 1
450 North Brewing Company
  Dank CandyMT Island 2
  Rainbow DropsMT Island 2
5 Rabbit Cerveceria
  5 LizzardMT Island 3
  IronicaMT Island 3
Against The Grain Brewery
  Bloody ShowMT Island 3
  Pile Of FaceMT Island 3
Avery Brewing Co
  Liliko'i KepoloMT Island 1
  Raspberry SourMT Island 1
Ballast Point
  Grapefruit SculpinTap Truck 2
  Pineapple SculpinTap Truck 2
  Sea RoseTap Truck 2
  Unfilterd SculpinTap Truck 2
Bear Republic Brewing Company
  Racer 5MT Island 1
Bell's Brewery, Inc.
  AmberMT Island 1
  OberonMT Island 1
  Quinannan FallsMT Island 1
  Two HeartedMT Island 1
Birdboy Brewing Co
  Loose GooseFW Beer Tent
  Rye N DryFW Beer Tent
  TaildraggerFW Beer Tent
  Wits A Bird, Wits A PlaneFW Beer Tent
Boston Beer Co.
  Curious ShandyTap Truck 2
  Sam Adams Rebel JuicedTap Truck 2
  Sam Adams Summer AleTap Truck 2
  Truly PomegranateTap Truck 2
Breckenridge Brewery
  Mango MosaicMT Island 2
  Vanilla PorterMT Island 2
Brew Link Brewery
  Cosmic JacuzziMT Island 2
  Ivory StoutMT Island 2
  NuttercupMT Island 2
Brooklyn Brewery
  DefenderMT Island 1
  LagerMT Island 1
  Sorachi AceMT Island 1
Central State Brewing Co
  Moment Of GloryMT Island 3
  RaznarockMT Island 3
Chapman's Brewing Company
  EnlightenMT Island 1
  MonstreMT Island 1
  RiosMT Island 1
  UndauntedMT Island 1
Clown Shoes Beer
  Josh The Guava KingMT Island 2
Daredevil Brewing Co
  Lift OffSponsor 1
  VacationSponsor 1
Dark Horse Brewing
  Ba Toonilla - VIP only @ 5:30 pmMT Island 1
  Homosapien Trip AleMT Island 1
  KamakaziMT Island 1
  Plead The FifthMT Island 1
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  120 MinuteMT Island 1
  90 MinuteMT Island 1
  Seaquench AleMT Island 1
Elysian Brewing Company
  Space DustMT Island 2
  SuperfuzzMT Island 2
Evil Czech Brewery
  Gypsy Chamomile WheatMT Island 1
  Static ChipmunkMT Island 1
Fat Heads Brewery
  Bumble BerryMT Island 3
  Head HunterMT Island 3
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
  NetherworldMT Island 2
  SmashbombMT Island 2
Founders Brewing Co.
  All DayMT Island 3
  Imperial Stout - VIP only @ 3:30 pmMT Island 3
  Lizard Of Koz - VIP only @ 5 pmMT Island 3
  Pc PillsMT Island 3
  PorterMT Island 3
  RubaeusMT Island 3
Fountain Square Brewing Co.
  Backyard PorterTap Truck 2
  Hop For TeacherTap Truck 2
  Kosmik Wheat AleTap Truck 2
  Working Man's PilsnerTap Truck 2
Golden Road Brewing
  Palisades PineappleMT Island 2
  Ride OnMT Island 2
  Sunset CoffeeMT Island 2
  Wolf PupMT Island 2
Granite City Food And Brewery
  TbdFW Beer Tent
Greenbush Brewing Co.
  400 RabbitsMT Island 1
  CockroachesMT Island 1
  Star ChickenMT Island 1
  Sun SpotMT Island 1
Heavy Seas
  Double CannonMT Island 3
  TropicannonMT Island 3
Heretic Brewing Company
  Chocolate Hazelnut PorterMT Island 1
Hoplore Brewing
  Bloody BrainsMT Island 2
  Brian's MilkshakeMT Island 2
  Fog BreatherMT Island 2
  Magic PowderMT Island 2
Hoppin' Frog Brewery
  Barrel Aged T.o.r.i.s. The Tyrant - VIP only @ 4 pmMT Island 3
  Boris The CrusherMT Island 3
  Gangster FrogMT Island 3
  Infusion AMT Island 3
  Turbo ShandyMT Island 3
Jaws Brewery
  Citraizen WheatMT Island 2
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
  La RojaMT Island 2
Junk Ditch Brewing Company
  Anniversary Black AleFW Beer Tent
  Bier De Bravas Hibiscus SaisonFW Beer Tent
  Goulden Oats IpaFW Beer Tent
  Low Key Rye Smith Rye Pale AleFW Beer Tent
  Rooftop PilsnerFW Beer Tent
  St. Jerome PorterFW Beer Tent
Knee Deep Brewing Company
  Breaking BudMT Island 1
  CitraMT Island 1
Laotto Brewing
  Napoleon Complex SaisonFW Beer Tent
  Nemesis Belgian Tripel W/elderberries And VanillaFW Beer Tent
  Nor'easter NeipaFW Beer Tent
Left Hand Brewing Company
  Milk StoutMT Island 3
  Travelin' LightMT Island 3
Lexington Brewing And Distilling
  Kentucky Bourbon Barrel AleMT Island 3
  Vanilla Barrel Cream AleMT Island 3
MASH Northeast Indiana Homebrew Club
  American Saison By Craig HigbieFW Beer Tent
  Barrel Aged Barley Wine By Jerry GlassFW Beer Tent
  Barrel Aged Smoky Java Porter By Jerry GlassFW Beer Tent
  Bear Trapp By Jeff FerrierFW Beer Tent
  Bell's Oberon Clone By Tom WhiteFW Beer Tent
  Biergarten Pilsner By Bob GilmoreFW Beer Tent
  Citra Blonde By Mike McfarlandFW Beer Tent
  Double Ipa By Dan VoorsFW Beer Tent
  Dubbel By Steve CukrowiczFW Beer Tent
  Flander's Red By Corwin MinerdFW Beer Tent
  Gemini Sixtus By Jeff FerrierFW Beer Tent
  Got Juice? By Phil ComparetFW Beer Tent
  Hefeqeizen By Dan VoorsFW Beer Tent
  Hefeweizen By Phil ComparetFW Beer Tent
  Hoppy Wheat By Dennis NormanFW Beer Tent
  Irish Red By Brent SchlichterFW Beer Tent
  Lime Light Gose By Steve CukrowiczFW Beer Tent
  Low Octane Stout By Jerry GlassFW Beer Tent
  Mango Neipa By Phil ComparetFW Beer Tent
  Mo Fest For The Wicked By Ken DalyFW Beer Tent
  Mocha Stout By Ken DalyFW Beer Tent
  Oatmeal Stout W. Black Walnut By Amy HanningFW Beer Tent
  Oktoberfest Bier By Tom WhiteFW Beer Tent
  Oktoberfest By Ken DalyFW Beer Tent
  Orange Blossom Honey Wheat Beer By Mike McfarlandFW Beer Tent
  Quiet Storm By Bob GilmoreFW Beer Tent
  Raspberry Gose By Amy HanningFW Beer Tent
  Rye Brown Ale By Jerry GlassFW Beer Tent
  Rye Ipa By Tom WhiteFW Beer Tent
  Rye Stout By Joe KokosaFW Beer Tent
  Saison By Steve CukrowiczFW Beer Tent
  Smoking Irish Red Hat By Titus Z & Mark BFW Beer Tent
  Strong Scotch Ale By Ken DalyFW Beer Tent
  Udderly Awesome Milk Stout By Ken DalyFW Beer Tent
  Who's Bitter By Dan KokosaFW Beer Tent
  Zombie Dust Clone By Dennis NormanFW Beer Tent
Maui Brewing Co.
  Coconut HiwaMT Island 3
  Pineapple ManaMT Island 3
Mountain Town Brewing
  Iron Horse IpaMT Island 2
  Lazy River GruitMT Island 2
  SaisonMT Island 2
  Trainwreck AleMT Island 2
New Belgium Brewing Co.
  ClutchTap Truck 2
  Fat Tire Belgian WhiteTap Truck 2
  French Oak SaisonTap Truck 2
  Trans KriekTap Truck 2
New Holland Brewing
  HoptronixMT Island 1
  Lost DuneMT Island 1
  White HatterMT Island 1
North Coast
  Brother TheloniousTap Truck 1
  Passion Peach BerlinerTap Truck 1
  PranqsterTap Truck 1
Ohio Brewing Company
  Buckeye BlondeMT Island 1
  Maple PorterMT Island 1
  Verich GoldMT Island 1
Oskar Blues Brewery
  IpaTap Truck 2
  PinnerTap Truck 2
People's Brewing Company
  Amazon Princess IpaMT Island 2
  Ol' Tavern BeerMT Island 2
  Phantom Assassin IpaMT Island 2
  Rail Jumper StoutMT Island 2
Perrin Brewing Co
  Imperial Poop Your PantsTap Truck 2
  Sonic HighwayTap Truck 2
Pokro Brewing
  Ciemne PiwoMT Island 2
  Dirty BlondeMT Island 2
  Monkey AssassinMT Island 2
  Racecars & UnicornsMT Island 2
Pour Misfits
  Berliner Weisse By Tom CarpenterFW Beer Tent
  El Cucuy By Tom CarpenterFW Beer Tent
  How Rye Am I? By Brian MillerFW Beer Tent
  Mosaic Haze By Tom CarpenterFW Beer Tent
  Nemesis 2.0 By Steve CukrowiczFW Beer Tent
Prairie Artisan Ales
  Paradise - VIP only @ 3 pmMT Island 2
  Prison RodeoMT Island 2
  TwistMT Island 2
Quaff On! Brewing Company
  6' BlondeQO Tap Truck
  Busted KnuckleQO Tap Truck
  Common NecessityQO Tap Truck
  Cross HareQO Tap Truck
  Hare TriggerQO Tap Truck
  Strawberry BlondeQO Tap Truck
Rogue Ales
  Chocolate StoutTap Truck 1
  Grape GorillaTap Truck 1
  Hazelnut BrownTap Truck 1
Round Town Brewery
  Happy FaceMT Island 1
  Irish Coffee RedMT Island 1
  K.i.s.s. IpaMT Island 1
  Round Town LagerMT Island 1
Saugatuck Brewing Company
  Blueberry Lemonade ShandyMT Island 2
  Blueberry MapleMT Island 2
  Bonfire BrownMT Island 2
  Paled It!MT Island 2
Shoreline Brewery
  Beltaine Scottish AleMT Island 1
  Shoddy Dock Session IpaMT Island 1
  Stella Blue Blueberry AleMT Island 1
  Sum Nug IpaMT Island 1
Short's Brewing Company
  Huma Lupa LiciousMT Island 3
  Soft ParadeMT Island 3
Sierra Nevada
  HoptimumSponsor 2
  OktoberfestSponsor 2
  SidecarSponsor 2
  Tropical TorpedoSponsor 2
Sixpoint Brewery
  Blueish Hue`MT Island 3
  ResinMT Island 3
Southern Tier Brewing Company
  2x OakedTap Truck 1
  Crème BruleeTap Truck 1
  Nu SkoolTap Truck 1
Stone Brewing Co.
  Mocha IpaMT Island 3
  Ruin TenMT Island 3
Summit City Brewerks
  Apple Dumpling AleFW Beer Tent
  Lil MudfudgerFW Beer Tent
  Ne Sesh Ne TimeFW Beer Tent
  Watermelon Tart - VIP only @ 4:30 pmFW Beer Tent
Sun King Brewing Co.
  Badger PartyMT Island 1
  Fistful Of Hops OrangeMT Island 1
  OsirisMT Island 1
  SunlightMT Island 1
  Wee MacMT Island 1
Tallgrass Brewing Co
  Buffalo SweatMT Island 3
  Raspberry JamMT Island 3
Tapistry Brewing
  CitranicityMT Island 2
  EnigmaMT Island 2
  Mr. OrangeMT Island 2
  QuadraphonicMT Island 2
Taxman Brewing Company
  DeclarationMT Island 2
  DeductionMT Island 2
  ExemptionMT Island 2
  Spin OffMT Island 2
Three Floyds Brewing Company
  Division #2Tap Truck 1
  Permanent FuneralTap Truck 1
  Von MunshturTap Truck 1
  Zombie DustTap Truck 1
Triton Brewing Company
  Phantom MangoTap Truck 2
  Rainbow Bright Strawberry Golden AleTap Truck 2
  Sly BoogieTap Truck 2
Uinta Brewing Co
  Golden AleMT Island 2
  Hop NoshMT Island 2
  Hop Nosh TangerineMT Island 2
  Lime PilsnerMT Island 2
  Foggy GeezerMT Island 1
  LazuriteMT Island 1
  Salmon PantsMT Island 1
  Black & TanMT Island 1
  LagerMT Island 1
  LightMT Island 1
Ciders & Meads Location
Ace Cider
  PerryMT Island 3
  PineappleMT Island 3
  SpaceMT Island 3
Blake's Hard Cider
  Black PhillipMT Island 2
  Black PhillipMT Island 2
  Flannel MouthMT Island 2
  Grizzle PearMT Island 2
  TonicMT Island 2
Cascade Brewing
  StrawberryMT Island 3
  Pineapple HulaMT Island 3
  StrawberryMT Island 3
Crafted Artisan Meadery
  Bannana Fosters ForeverMT Island 3
  Magnum Peach InfernoMT Island 3
Kekionga Cider Company
  Brass CannonFW Beer Tent
  Old BicornFW Beer Tent
New Day Craft
  Breakfast MagpieMT Island 3
  ReThinkerMT Island 3
Rekorderlig Cider
  PearMT Island 3
  Strawberry LimeMT Island 3





Brew Haven 2017 is Presented by:


Pour MisfitsTrion TavernMASH Homebrew Club


Brew Haven 2017 is Sponsored by:


Dare Devil Brewing Co. Sierra Nevada